Chlorinated Threading / Neat Cutting Oil
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Chlorinated Threading / Neat Cutting Oil

Onnekas 5480 / 6480 are very effective mist reduction, chlorinated neat cutting oil that ensures long tool life and good cutting performance. It imparts excellent surface finish to the work piece due to its unique lubricity additives package. It is fortified with specially selected lubricity additives, heat stabilized chlorinated EP and incorporates a highly effective corrosion protection system. It also contains special fatty substance, which provide good wetting and heat removal properties. It's non-staining, therefore suitable for non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

US ONNEKAS 5480/6480 is specially developed and formulated for various applications in automatic and multi tool lathes turning, production thread grinding, broaching, multi cutter milling, gear Hibbing, sawing, stamping, of both ferrous and non ferrous metals. It is designed for light to medium machining operations.
NOTE: Avoid prolonged and repeated exposure to the product as this could cause skin irritation problems. Under good standards of personal and industrial hygiene. ONNEKAS 5480/6480 will not pose any health or safety hazards.
ONNEKAS 5480/6480 is highly stable and field-tested to provide the following outstanding multifunctional characteristics:
  • Provides excellent EP and lubricity to extend cutting tool life
  • Provides excellent surface finish to machined parts
  • Excellent anti-mist property allows speed cutting to increase productivity and cost saving
  • Suitable for all ferrous and some non ferrous metals
  • Excellent corrosion due to its special corrosion inhibitors and easy to clean
  • Improves work efficiency with fewer rejects
  • Reduce machining costs
  • Do not stain most yellow metals due to its unique nature of the EP additive package
  • Low odor
  • Does not cause skin irritation under normal condition
Density @ 15°C : 0.8850 g/ml
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C : 30.00
Flash Point, COC : 230 + °C
Color : 1.5
Copper Corrosion : 1 A


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